It's not going to stop raining, ever.

There was once a time, when my tumblr wasn't so full of vegan politics and angry feminists, that I really rode the wave of pure goof that Odd Future seemed to embody.
These were simpler, bolder times where Tyler was a He-God and hawaiian shirts seemed to embody some kind of disgustingly cool personality where everyone imagined you were the kind of dude that drank fizzy juice drinks and smoked bongs all the time.
As we all know those times came to a drastic halt, because looking like that in England is simply ridiculous and everyone laughs at you because its England and looking like you've just stepped off a beach in LA when you're in Doncaster is perfectly ridicule worthy. Come on, when was the last time you even saw the sun for a prolonged period of time and it didn't make you cower in pain, the giant orange twat.

But thanks to these Golfwang X Vans Old Skools, we are now able to look down and our feet and not feel guilty about that strange comforting feeling that washes over us when woken up by a torrential downpour that has ruined another English summer, because we have nice, bright shoes.

Thanks Tyler. Maybe it all hasn't gone to pot

Jamie T - Don't You Find. 2014

Jamie T surfaced from whatever cavern he's been hiding in the past few years the other day with a new song and video, suitably bringing the knowing among us to some kind of feverish frenzy.

Whilst the song offers rare glimpses of the performer we know so well, it is a marked departure in both delivery and tone. There was something raucous about his pervious output that made it infinitely appealing, the kind of intrigue you find from watching two drunk people having a fight where one of them ends up falling over the curb or something - but with 'Don't You Find' we see a more mature approach. Slow from beginning to end and interspersed with an anthemic chorus the song is certainly a grower, and if it were not for my blind sided love of everything he's ever put out I could probably objectively say the song really isn't that overtly astounding, and falls short of the grandeur of his back catalogue.

But, I won't - because seeing him perform Sheila on some late night Channel 4 program years ago blew my teenage tits off and The Man's Machine is a bloody brilliant song.


Pontus Alv / Converse - Trocadéro Days.

There is the argument across every subculture than any sort of big industry involvement only leads to a sort of inevitable death of some part of the subculture itself. This has certainly been a major discussion in Skateboarding over the past few years, as more and more multinational sportswear brands encroach on Skateboarding as a new market (see: New Balance - wtf?). 

But, out of this - and perhaps this where the necessity of such things like this happening lie - is that there has been a huge rise of brilliant small DIY companies, the biggest names within these obviously being the now stratospheric Palace, and Polar Skateboards. 

Born from Pontus Alv Polar are simply put, an incredible brand. Their emphasis and output is one of pure creativity and freedom, ingrained with the message that whilst a large part of Skateboarding these days is indeed Street League, X Games and general big business orientated the real reason we all step on the board is the feeling of release and opportunity it allows in the way we interpret our surroundings. 

This video has been doing the rounds since its release last year and despite it being for Converse I think it serves as possibly the most poignant example (in amongst a canon of already ridiculously impressive video parts) of what I would say Pontus Alv and Polar are about and the prime reason why i painted a smiley face / sad face on my shoes and more importantly, why i've been riding a plank of wood, with an incessant love, for the past 13 years.


Polar - No Complies, Shuvits and Wallrides.


Spotlight - DOZEN clothing x Dan Boulton.

'A collaboration tee with UK based photographer Dan Boulton, 

taken from his Southbank archive. '

Southbank was always the holy grail of the UK Skateboarding scene to me when I was growing up, a space where our culture was free to develop in plain sight - attracting visitors from every corner of the world. There was an endless mystery & inaccessibility in watching the place on the many VHS tapes I hoarded. 
With the recent Save Southbank 'win' over further possible coffee shop gentrification in a city that least out of everything in the country needs more bistros these t-shirts from DOZEN are perfectly timed, all the more poignant given the size of the battle the Save Southbank organisation had to contend with and the unrelenting passion they showed towards it. 

It's upsetting because I've still to go there, so for the time being I'll just cop one of those these and rub my face into the print until I start hallucinating about skating it.



The future...

... of tramway travel is here - Moscow, Russia prepares for WC 2018 in style!



Vapour - heather red short sleeve.

Me and 90% of my clothes have been together for a good few years now, moving from house to house and slowly building a large amount of contempt for each other as we slowly grow apart and into different lives and I just feel, clothes, that we're not the same people we were when we first got into this relationship and it may be time to part, i mean, don't get me wrong we had some fantastic times together, but i've been trying to see other alphets. 
And its items like this nice, simple, short sleeve Oxford from Vapour Clothing that makes me realise that i'd be ashamed to wear you all in front of guests anymore. 
Despite the large label on the pocket being one of those details that i cant decide whether i love or hate, like an ear piercing with a ring in it, it just makes me yearn for a new start.
plus the colour? heather red? i didn't even realise that was a colour. 

I know that this is difficult, but in time we'll learn to love again. 



I believe you can tell all you need to know about a writer from their handstyle. They communicate that specific writers individuality like nothing else. If Graffiti is nothing but the want of freedom and exercising of idiosyncrasies through visual artistic means then Horphe is doing nothing but teaching us to get loose, embrace our own flow and find true personal style.



Feit - Bio Trainer 1.

beautiful, beautiful shoes from Feit 

"The Bio Trainer 1 is 100% handmade. It is hand sewn from a single piece of vegetable dyed suede or leather and features a buffalo leather footbed that provides padding, absorbs sweat and breathes as it does in nature.
After a lengthy design process we developed our own 100% natural latex rubber sole made out of the milk of Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree).
The milk, harvested by hand, is poured into steel molds immersed in warm water. After one hour the sole is transferred into a cold water bath. Cold water immersion lasts up to 24 hours and helps to keep the pores open while the material cures.
The soles are then placed into a hot air dryer which is lined with hundreds of wooden shelves like that of a bakery. After 24 hours of drying, the soles are re-immersed into cold water for one week until they are trimmed and inspected for imperfections.
This two week journey results in a light and naturally flexible sole that contains no plastic.
While not for the gym, or an aggressive jog this shoe will keep you comfortable and cool."