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Childish Gambino - Sweatpants

Brandy & Coke

Whether you're a regular visitor of ours or not you'll know of the UK garage seen and how important it was to the UK music scene back in the day! Garage had an incredible influence on the masses, it gave birth to a variety of musical subgenres as well as depicting a snapshot in time for UK history that rivaled the birth of house music and Brit-pop days. For alot of people it gave them purpose and style, It was the only reason for the weekend! Unfortunately however the development and in turn demise of garage from the mainstream was a somewhat short lived time in our lives!

A short while back we posted a trailer to get you in the mood for a documentary that's been made by Dazed Mag in association with Somesuch & Co that had it's premiere on Channel 4 recently. The good people at Dazed & Confused got in touch to let us know the full version of Brandy & Coke has gone live, so here it is! Enjoy!

Watch the full-length Brandy & Coke documentary




The ever progressive Pref dropped this piece in memory of Frankie Knuckles.



seen these boys hard at it a few weeks ago, bless their little scrubbin brushes.


Reebok x Garbstore – Classic Leather 6000

There really isn't alot I can say about this collaboration between Reebok x Garbstore so I'll let the images do the talking...


TOP SPRAYER™ X THE GRIFTERS: SAME SAME™ from The Grifters on Vimeo.

The Grifters are back and this time with the heavy hitters Taps & Moses! Their latest video offers a sneakpeak of their adventures and what's to come! This video is also a trailer for the upcoming book that they have produced together. The title is Same Same™. This book is focused on the throw ups of the German duo, done in their worldwide travels. There is only 500 copies available that are numbered and stenciled handmade on the cover by the authors.

The book will be available for purchase from 21 April at 10:00h (GMT+01), exclusively from The Grifters website


New zine out from Public Offender Mag, an A5 36 page Zine with pictures taken over a span of 3 years, check it out and buy one from them here.

old but gold: Jose Parla interview

Handstyles are perhaps my favourite element of Graffiti, they are raw and immediate - mirroring completely the given moment a writer exists in a space and the style they have cultivated through their journey. So naturally, I fell in love with Jose Parlas work from the very instance I encountered it.
Its always an honour to listen to / read more behind how he creates his work.

from Toronto, 2010.