About Us

tom edwards

Tom Edwards

Tom is an Illustrator and Staffordshire University graduate. Tom has worked for illustration agencies such as Rarekind London on commissions and workshops across England and Scotland.

Tom is a talented typographer, creating letters and words reminiscent of the golden age of typography. He creates amazingly detailed illustrations, whether on a page or on a wall. He is also the lead print technician here at EN.

rob fenton

Rob Fenton

Rob is a graphic designer and Staffordshire University graduate. He has extensive experience in graffiti, street art and the world that surrounds it.

workshops and commissions have been a regular feature in Rob’s working life for a number of years. Rob’s project management skills are second to none, and his contacts and experience in this sector are rife.

adam madeley

Adam Madeley

Adam is the newest member of the EN team having joined in summer 2019.

He is also studying a Masters in Animation at Staffordshire University. He’s already helped out in print workshops and some recent graffiti murals and his book keeping skills are top notch.

Tom Addis

Tom is a man of many talents. A web developer and designer by day, with a hidden talent for producing amazing paintings. Tom has a meticulous eye for detail and his passionate energetic approach to all things creative is truly and inspiring.

Tom has also had several years experience in delivering exciting, creative workshops to a diverse range of groups.

our clients

The guys at Entrepreneurs printed t-shirts for me as merchandise for my tattoo studio. Great service, super friendly, helpful and an awesome outcome. Really happy!

– Callan Leavesley, Owner at Great Bear Tattoo